Wood Cleaning Super Four Pack


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Our Wood Cleaning Super Four Pack includes:

Sodium Percarbonate – Light Cleaning Chemical

Sodium Metasilicate – Light Duty Stripper

Sodium Hydroxide – Heavy Duty Stripper

Oxalic Acid – Wood Brightener – Rust Remover

For cleaning concentrations: Light strength 4-6oz per gallon. Medium strength 6-8oz. Maximum strength 8-10oz. Warm water is best, but cold water will work. Best if used within 24 hours of mixing. Recommended application with a pump sprayer. Breathing protection, safety glasses, and gloves are recommended for use.

Makes 4-8 gallons depending on strength of the mix.

Sodium Hydroxide SDS

Sodium Percarbonate SDS

Oxalic Acid SDS

Sodium metasilicate pentahydrate SDS


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