Pressure Washing Starter Kit


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This is meant to be coupled with a 4GPM machine.  We recommend the Harbor Freight 4.2GPM machine and purchasing the warranty for it.  Link Here 4.2GPM

  • Whisper Wash Ultra Clean 19″ WW-UC6019HC (Surface Cleaner)
  • X-Jet 4-4.5GPM #13
  • Suttner ST-2305 Orange
  • 3/8 Assembled DN10 Ball Valve Mosmatic Swivel with QC’s
  • Two – 100ft 3/8″ 1 Wire 4000 PSI Hose (200ft total Length)
  • 3/4″ x 100ft Flexzilla Hose
  • 25025 Meg Nozzles
  • 48” Lance
  • 4GPM Quick Connect Nozzle Pack includes one of each: 0,15,25,40 and 65 soap nozzle.
  • Davis Shooter Tip 4-8GPM
  • Quick Connect Starter Kit (For Hoses, lance and ST-2305)
  • TPWS Lemon Wash 1 Gallon
  • TPWS Citrus Oil Buster 1 Gallon
  • F9 BARC


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